2020 Mansfield Family Games

Itfamily olympics’s time for a family face-off! The first-ever Mansfield Family Games begin April 20 with new events added each day on our Facebook page

Watch the videos on Facebook or on the link below to learn how to play, then post a photo or video of your team’s performance in the comments to win fun virtual awards & prizes. Modify events as needed for your family’s ages and abilities; try our Make it Harder options for more of a challenge. 

Play as many times as you like; we’ve got a printable scorecard below and blank award certificate to declare your own winners. Give medals for best time, best costume, sportsmanship or style...it’s totally up to you! See additional expanded activities below for more ideas to truly make the games your own.

This is free and open to everyone; it’s a fun, screen-free game to play at home with the people in your household and perfect for anyone home bound and ready for some silly action!


Click here for a printable score sheet to log official results of each event

Click here for a printable award certificate to hand out your own prizes


Click here for supplies, instructions & videos of each event


Want to take your Family Olympics to the next level? Check out some of these ideas to make your event an international sensation! 

Make a Torch

No opening ceremony is complete without passing the torch! Follow these instructions to make your own.

Represent the Homeland

The Olympics is all about bringing the world together, so bring the world to your living room. Let each family member choose a country to represent in whatever format you decide. Make a poster or flag about your country featuring native plants and icons, find a recipe to cook from your land, or even a movie that is from or takes place there. This is a great way to practice research, history, geography and social studies while having a lot of fun!

Suit Up

Every team needs a uniform, right? Draw or paint an old t-shirt to make your own jersey, or dig through the closest for costumes, accessories and anything else needed to make the most creative uniforms you can imagine.

Elect a Mascot

The Olympic Games are famous for having quirky mascots, so yours should too! Design a family mascot together-draw, sculpt, build from legos and however else you can imagine! Keep your mascot on display to motivate everyone during the competition.

And the Winner Is...

Games are more fun when there’s a prize to be won! We’re giving away a few prizes and lots of silly awards, but you can give your own, too. Come up with unique rewards that will really motivate your family, like Remote Control Chairman or Chore-Free Pass, for prizes that are free and still super fun. Print this blank award certificate and fill in the blanks, or make your own funny trophies.